By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Halfway there! Christmas is just six (business) days away. To take us to the watershed mark in our 12 Gadgets of Christmas series, we have the Garmin nuvi 3700. Today’s review is in the concrete poetry style, in which the way the poem is presented visually is just as important as the words themselves.

Garmin nuvi 3700 – A Concrete Verse Review

For those sick of gnillevart backwards,
Or not reaching their dtisneoaitn in one piece,
And place a strike through all the wrong streets.

To know when old avenues are           no           longer           quick,
And new thoroughfares have o p e n e d for use â–º,
For the big highways we take on roadtrips,
And the li'l lanes where we hide and recluse.

So sit forward and listen up travellers,
Brighten up your day and your journey,
Say no to the maps that unravel ya :(,
And in¥€$£ in a Garmin 3700 nuvi.

(Patrick Avenell)

Garmin nuvi 3700 series (RRP $449-$549).

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