Officeworks has launched a new platform, Flexiworks, designed to service the future of work by enabling businesses to select a range of fit-for-purpose office supplies, furniture or technology for their employees.

Each employee is set up with an allowance to access and order what they need to work effectively from anywhere.

More than 70% of Australian employees reported experiencing adverse impacts on their health while working from home; 41% citing back or neck pain and 31% reporting eye strain. To combat this, Flexiworks offers ergonomic design advice and recommendations on products that may improve their work environment.

Officeworks managing director, Sarah Hunter said Flexiworks is a platform for employers to ensure their hybrid workforce is always supported with what they need to work productively and safely from home, or anywhere.

“Flexiworks will save employers time on time-consuming logistical and administrative work, it will also make setting up or upgrading home offices easier for employees,” she said.

“We supported Australians to work from home safely throughout the pandemic and Flexiworks is our solution to help make a remote workforce as sustainable and supported as its traditional equivalent. Our omni-channel strategy means we are well positioned to support the future of work.”

Research commissioned by Officeworks also found that almost two-thirds of employees reported being more satisfied (65%) and productive (62%) with their work from home arrangements than previous in-office arrangements, with 76% agreeing flexibility helped them maintain a better work-life balance.

As a result, the same number of employees (two-thirds) indicated that they would not consider a workplace if there was no working from anywhere or flexible working option available.

Only half (55%) of employees said they had worked in a dedicated office or study when working from home, with the other half repurposing areas of the home such as the kitchen or living area (32%), spare room (29%), or bedroom (22%) to become workstations.

The Flexiworks platform includes an Online Ergonomic Assessment Tool for employees to complete upon signing up, allowing them to receive personalised recommendations based on their survey results. Features such as in-home office, and tech setup and furniture assembly are also available for employees who require additional support.

Business decision makers can provide their employees with a once-off, monthly or annual allowance to shop for products and services.