Philips new high-end pressurised steam ironing system GC8280 provides users with non-stop steam to make ironing easier and faster. The GC8280 steam system addresses one of the key dissatisfactions identified in consumer testing: the constant need to stop and refill the water tank. Great appearance and beautiful looking clothes can now be achieved with less time and more ease thanks to the Philips GC8280 series steam system.

Philips consumer research revealed that over half (56%) of respondents use their iron 2-4 times per week, and although they take great pride in their laundry, they want to spend a minimum amount of time and effort doing it. The new GC8280 series steam ironing system from Philips offers consumers a solution to the impracticalities of ironing. With designs based on real consumer research, the model offers an extra large, detachable water tank. One tank (1.4 Litre) allows up to 3 hours ironing, eliminating the need for consumers to make regular water refilling stops, and delivering great results in less time.

At Philips we are committed to making consumers’ lives easier through simple, yet sensible design. By listening to our consumers we have created a high-end steam ironing system that responds to their needs, offering practical solutions to completing their ironing efficiently and effectively.”

The new Philips steam ironing system GC8280 retails for $399.95 and features a boiler steam rate up to 140g/min. Equipped with a sophisticated LCD display, this model gives feedback on the selected temperature setting in 8 different languages and has precise pre-programmed temperature settings for 12 different fabrics, and more giving you more control and simplifying the ironing process with an ironing system.

Other features of the GC8290

• Small base unit for comfortable fit on any ironing board; the footprint is no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper
• Clear and easy control panel: one switch with pilot lamp for iron and boiler
• Easy calc clean: simply rinse the boiler after every 10 uses
• Long life anti corrosion stainless steel boiler with external heating element ready in less than 2 minutes
• A light weight 800 watt iron, ready in less than 2 minutes
• Constant horizontal and vertical steam output
• Steam trigger lock for easy to use constant steam

Philips is currently offering $100 cash back for every GC8280 Steam System purchased between 1st March – 31st May 2009. For more information on this offer, visit or contact Philips on 1300 139 798.