By Keri Algar


SYDNEY, NSW: Five people across Sydney and Adelaide have been arrested for the alleged sourcing of credit card details and the manufacturing of counterfeit cards to purchase easily saleable goods such as TVs and other consumer electronics. The men were also allegedly making supporting identification documents such as Medicare cards and licenses.


The criminal group are said to have opperated in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Information from the Australian Crime Commission in 2009 spurned a multi-agency investigation that culminated with the arrests of the five men.


AFP national coordinator, identity security strike teams, Ben McQuillan said the syndicate posed a real threat to the financial system and foundation of society.


“Police urge the public to take steps to protect their personal information: keep your pin number safe and secure; check your financial statements regularly and alert your financial institution if you see any anomalies,” Superintendent McQuillan said.


NSW Police fraud squad commander detective superintendent Col Dyson said “Identification information is a valuable commodity to organised criminal groups.”


"It is common now for one criminal group to harvest identification information and sell it to other groups to use illegally."

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