By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: Fujifilm Australasia is in the process of acquiring a 35 per cent stake in software company, Whitech Pty Ltd, which will enhance Fujifilm’s total business solution offerings for both retailers and consumers.

The award-winning Whitech company specialises in electronic point-of-sale solutions, photographic digital kiosks and home ordering solutions.

“Working as a team with Whitech will speed up the development of new products to market that will become available in future via Fujifilm’s DPC kiosks,” said Fujifilm Australasia Holdings’ director, Dave Marshall.

Whitech’s suite of Photo.Teller software is marketed with Fujifilm’s Digital Photo Centre (DPC) kiosks which are now one of the most popular methods consumers use to order photographs in Australian retail stores, according to Marshall.

“As part of our business model, speed to market along with innovative and creative product offerings is instrumental and fundamental.

“Photo gifting in Australia is expected to become a booming business – as it is already in the US – thus, to provide a comprehensive and professional service, it is vital that we incorporate a strong infrastructure to accommodate growth in this area of the market,” he said.

Fujifilm and Whitech have worked together for various years to deliver new business opportunities to retailers as well as innovative photo printing options to consumers.