By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Philips Electronics Australia has launched the SRU9600 8-in-1 universal remote control (RRP: $299.95) with an innovative touchscreen and intelligent function that allows it to ‘learn’ remote control codes that are not pre-programmed into its database.

The SRU9600 features a touchscreen that won a Consumer Electronic Show Innovation Award. According to Philips, unlike other universal remote controls that require a three-digit code to identify a brand and device of consumer electronics equipment, the Philips SRU9600 is pre-programmed to enable it to work with almost any brand. It can also ‘learn’ remote control codes from other infra-red handsets if they are not already included in the on-board database.

A rotary controller enables navigation through the set-up stages and to access the control screens for each device loaded into the system. The SRU9600 can also be set up via an on-screen ‘wizard’ to create one-touch control commands.

The touch-sensitive LCD display provides access to commands, including a backlighting feature that only illuminates buttons needed for specific functions.

The Philips SRU9600 is distributed by Crest Electronics.