Want dinner on the table in 15 minutes? In today’s world, busy schedules, family commitments and demanding jobs can make this very hard to achieve. With Tefal’s new Minut’Cook it will now become easy to whip up delicious meals for the entire family, in no time at all!

“Minut’Cook uses pressure cooking technology to cook food in very little water and at high temperatures,” said Tefal marketing manager, Filiz Bensan.

“As a result, food is cooked much faster, thus retaining the full nutritional value and preserving the natural flavour of each ingredient.”

Set and Forget

There is no end to the variety of dishes that can be cooked in the Minut’Cook Pressure Cooker. Braised meats and stews, poultry, seafood and even desserts will be ready in a fraction of the time. Additionally, with its variable pressure levels and 3 preset cooking menus (Brown, Simmer and Sauté), a wide variety of meals can be prepared from start to finish in the one appliance. There is no need to broil or brown meats before cooking; simply select the correct setting and Minut’Cook will do this automatically!

“As the colder months arrive, slow cooked meals like stews, casseroles or soups have become very popular meal choices. Where traditionally these tasty meals would cook for hours on end, with Minut’Cook’s fast cooking action, meals will be ready in a third of the time compared to traditional cooking methods making it very appealing. You can cook soups or risottos in just six minutes” said Bensan.

Steaming Along

Tefal’s latest innovation will become the perfect partner in the kitchen. With its push button controls and digital timer, cooking fast, healthy and nutritious home cooked meals has never been easier. During cooking, steam is confined in the cooking pot, building up pressure and heat to cook foods faster.

“Whilst Minut’Cook does the cooking, there will be plenty of time to relax,” said Bensan. “So sit back while the meal is cooking. Also, with this one-pot-does-all cooker, there will be little washing up to do after dinner.”

High on Safety, Low on Energy

As an expert in pressure cooking technology, Tefal has combined overheating protection systems with two fail-safe mechanisms that prevent the lid from being opened during pressure cooking. For additional safety, pressure can only build once the lid is locked into place. A tight seal is created during cooking, making it impossible to open the lid until is has depressurized completely.

“Not only is Minut’Cook a valuable time saving machine, it also helps us to do our bit for the environment by reducing our energy consumption,” said Bensan. “As food cooks up to 70% faster in an Electric Pressure Cooker, less energy is needed and therefore less heat is generated.”

The Minut’Cook features include:

• Large 6-litre capacity
• Variable pressure and temperature settings
• 3 pre-set cooking modes: brown, simmer and sauté
• Automatic Keep Warm setting with pressure release at the end of cooking
• Digital timer with countdown
• Non-stick removable cooking bowl
• Dishwasher safe bowl and lid
• Sealed locking lid
• Detachable cord
• Overheat protection and safety systems
• Steaming basket included

Tefal Minut’Cook will be available from June 2009 from all major retail outlets at a recommended retail price of $249.95.