By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Emilia Glem will enter the $2000 price bracket later this month with the release of a new 90 centimetre cooker.

The ‘Alpha’ model will come from the company’s Italian factory and will be a standalone cooker with a five gas burners, a separate wok burner and fan forced electric oven. It also features closed door grilling.

Emilia Glem managing director Dave Gilmore said while the product was built to a price, it was a brand new model that took advantage of the company’s new assembly line efficiencies.

“It’s been built to a price, and we haven’t just built it for Australia, we’ve built it globally, so it’s a brand new product,” he said.

He said the response from stores has been “quite good”.

“Essentially, we’re still seeing pretty low price points out there, but now we can be there and not lose money.”