If re-elected the NSW Liberal government has promised to invest $61.5 million in an energy efficiency package, part of which will be allocated to help low income households buy energy efficient appliances including fridges, washing machines and water heaters.

The NSW Government announced today it will partner with housing providers and appliance retailers to help eligible consumers reduce their power use and energy bills by providing interest free loans or discounts to purchase energy efficient whitegoods.

“This $61.5 million Energy Efficiency Action Plan will help to ensure energy efficient appliances are accessible to vulnerable households across NSW,” NSW Premier Mike Baird said.

“Providing households with more efficient appliances will result in lower power bills for families and reduce demand on the network.”

NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes said the program will also work with community housing organisations and the owners and managers of low income rental properties to improve home fixtures such as heating, cooling and lighting, reducing energy bills and making homes cheaper to live in.

“Under this plan the upfront costs of appliances will be reduced for eligible families through the use of low interest loan schemes and price discounts enabled by program partners including retailers,” Stokes said.

Within the package, $16.1 million will be allocated to help businesses access energy efficiency opportunities.

The Victorian Government has a similar program in place already. The $100 Whitegoods Appliance Rebate is available for eligible Victorian concession card holders to help them buy energy-efficient fridges and washing machines. The rebate is available through a no interest loan scheme or the Good Shepherd Buying service for homeowners or renters.

Eligible whitegoods are washing machines with a minimum 3.5-star energy rating and 4-star water rating and fridges with a minimum 4-star energy rating.

Generally, governments around the country have supported the appliance industry by directing consumers towards the most cost effective appliances or by providing advice on how to reduce energy use.

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