By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Morphy Richards has had a successful 2009 and is well-positioned for the Christmas rush, according to marketing manager Murray Barnes. He told that the uncertainty with the world’s precarious financial state was noticeable, but that growth was not impeded.

“We’ve had a good year,” Barnes said. “Overall our business is up on last year, over double figures, and we’ll finish off the year pretty well. It’s been sporadic for certain retailers and consumers, but overall the year will come out well and we’ve got some pretty good things for Mother’s Day.”

Although volume and mass market players, often cheap imports, experience strong sales during the year in the small appliance categories, Christmastime is the season for the higher-end, brand name brands. Barnes said that he’s expecting Morphy Richards to do well with small appliance gift-purchasers.

“Food orientated products and meal making products are strong as gift giving. We have strength right across the range because we’re positioned in that mid to premium section of the marketplace so it’s suddenly an aspirational purchase. The slow cookers do have another kick even though they are traditionally a seasonal product.”