By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: If first impressions are everything, then VS Sassoon is walking its talk by giving its website a complete makeover. The new website shows off the product and also gives expert hair care tips, detailed product information, even videos on how to style hair, and it’s a sales tool for retailers.

It has been months in the making and was a considerable investment for VS Sassoon, but the website,, has now officially launched.

The website includes detailed coverage on all VS Sassoon-branded styling tools including images, as well as interactive video content, step by step styling tips and techniques, how-to-use guides and more.

The goal for VS Sassoon for the site was to engage and add value to the customers’ experience with the brand, but also to make a big statement.

“After extensively researching our customer base, we knew we had to deliver far more than a typical product catalogue site, said Conair marketing manager Peter Brewer, the driver behind the new site.

“Our current consumer is used to online information being delivered in an entertaining and highly interactive way. They are informed and educated and highly invested in the Sassoon brand and we owed them an immersive value adding experience.

“The name VS Sassoon is a classic fashion name with a rich and exciting heritage but the brand also connotes a continuum, an ongoing exorable evolution that always places us slap bang at the forefront of the latest innovations and technologies. This thinking is now reflected in our online web communications in a very exciting way,” adds Brewer.

The site is also a reference tool to help people recreate the salon look at home.

“Underpinning all our activities is the desire to partner our consumers positively,” said Brewer. “We help them maximize the way they look and feel by identifying key trends. We find the best looks for them and the best styling tools to achieve those looks. We educate and facilitate at every step of the way so that our customers can easily achieve salon professional styling results at home. Our new site completely delivers on this brand ethos; of helping our customers and partnering them. It also reinforces the premium positioning of our iconic name.”

Brewer also said the site has benefits for retailers, by giving them a powerful selling tool.

“Our retail partners can now direct customers to detailed product information and styling tips so that they can get the best out of the product. It really adds value and helps facilitate and streamline the sales process.”

The launch of the new website will be promoted on the VS Sassoon packaging as well as a print and online campaign.