By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Kenwood is whipping up a storm with its premium food preparation range, claiming nearly a fifth of the food preparation category value, nearly a third in food processors and close to half the market in bench mixers.

“In the GfK Brand Shares Food Preparation Total Market MAT January 2009 versus 2008, Kenwood’s value share, was 18 per cent compared to 15 per cent,” said Kenwood senior marketing manager, Jason Haskins.

“This is a strong result considering we only compete in Mixers and Food Processors — we’re a clear number three in the category.”

Kenwood is claiming a higher value in the GfK Food Processors Brand Shares year on year to January 2009.

“We achieved 22 per cent in units and 27 per cent in value — that’s our highest result ever,” said Haskins.

Another strong result is claimed in the GfK data MAT January 2009 Brand Shares Food Processors, with Kenwood up seven per cent over the 2008 result to 18 per cent in units. In value the result was higher with Kenwood achieving 24 per cent.

“Kenwood is also a clear number two and three in food processors in top 10 hitlist,” said Haskins, referring to the MAT January 2009 Brand Shares Food Processors data.

The biggest result was 45 per cent of the value share MAT January 2009 Brand Shares Bench Mixers, up from 41 per cent the year before, and in units the brand was up four per cent over 2008 to 38 per cent.

“The launch of our premium priced k-Mix food preparation range has resulted in three hand mixers at a RRP of $129, and a six per cent value share for January 2009, up from two per cent in January 2008,” said Haskins. “This proves that Kenwood can sell food preparation products at premium price points.”

Kenwood is also preparing to launch its ‘Kash Back’ promotion.

“The cashback promotion helps our retail partners maximise profit, with no need for discounting as we are providing the discount,” said Haskins.

“The cashback provides consumers with a tangible promotional offer as opposed to go in the draw to win one of five cars, or a holiday. So it is a proven motivator for consumer purchasing decision and gives the floor staff a tangible promotional offer to sell against.”

This cashback campaign will run until 17 May 2009. Consumers will receive $100 back on the KM040, KM006, KM030, KM002B and the KMX50/51/54 machines. Customers who purchase the KM315A950 will receive $60 back.

Additionally, consumers will get $40 back on the KM300, FP950 and FP920. For $20 cashback, customers can purchase any model from the patisserie range, the FP734, MX260006, FP723, FP250, BLX50/51/54 or the HB790/91/94.