Due to risk of injury.

Nikon Australia has recalled its SB-103 underwater camera sold nationally at Camera House, Teds and selected specialist retailers between 31 May 1984 and 31 May 1994.

In rare cases, if charged and uncharged NiCd batteries are used together, hydrogen gas may be discharged by the batteries. This gas build up in the unit may cause the front to separate from the housing.

If this gas then mixes with air inside the body of the SB-103, it is possible that the mixed gas could be ignited by an electric spark at the time of firing, causing a burst of the flash head. This may pose an injury risk to the user.

Nikon Australia will arrange the return freight of the product (free of charge) and an electronic funds transfer refund of $100.

For further information, consumers can contact Nikon Australia by phone on 1300 401 200 or email service.nau@nikon.com or go to www.nikon.com.au