TEAC has this morning announced the release of four new DVD players and a pocket radio.

Two of the new DVD players are portable models, continuing TEAC’s reputation for supplying to this category. The DVP705 (RRP $199) has a 7-inch LCD swivel screen, USB input, media card slots, headphones and a lithium battery.

The DVP373T (RRP $399), which can be mounted on headrests, features in AC adaptor and an in-car charger.

“This compact, portable DVD player also has ability to tilt or swivel, the display ensures perfect viewing every time! The DVP373T has MP4 capability,” said a TEAC spokesperson.

The DV222 is a traditional DVD player capable of playing Kodak picture CDs. It is RRP $69.

A step up from this model is the DV5188 (RRP $199). This models features 1080p upscaling, USP port, CD to MP3 ripping and DVD playback.

Also released today is the new PR129 pocket radio (RRP $25). This model features telescopic antennae, earphones, AM/FM radio and 12 month warranty.