Packed with safety features.

Navman has unveiled its 2018 MiVue dash cam range with Wi-Fi capabilities to save and send footage on the go, and lifetime safety camera updates. The first three devices released in the line-up of four are: MiVue 740, MiVue 790 Wi-Fi and the MiVue 800 dual camera.

All Navman MiVue dash cams carry quality features as standard, while higher end models have additional features for extra assurance and convenience. The MiVue 790 Wi-Fi comes with Ezyshare via Wi-Fi for viewing or emailing video footage immediately or for uploading to social media sites via a free MiVue Pro App on a smartphone.

The MiVue 790 has lifetime safety camera alerts for up-to-date warnings of upcoming cameras.  These visual and audible alerts will go off based on driving speed. The MiVue 790 Wi-Fi is also dual channel capable, if a rear camera is added at a later date.

Standard features across the range include 2.7-inch LCD screens, Full HD 1080p cameras, GPS tagged videos and a 3-Axis G sensor that records direction of travel, location, vehicle speed and G-Force of impact, along with the exact location and time an incident occurred.

Event mode automatically saves a recording on impact while parking mode records what’s going on around the car when the driver is away from the vehicle with the MiVue Smartbox power cable. This is purchased additionally for delivering continuous power even when the engine has been turned off, to avoid draining the car battery.

The MiVue 790 Wi-Fi and 800 Dual Cam have driver fatigue alert reminders to take a break after two hours continuous driving. All devices are compatible with microSD cards up to 128GB and come with a one-year warranty. RRPs start at $159 and up to $269.