Exclusive new research commissioned by the International Housewares Association (IHA) taps into what life-moment occasions consumers plan to celebrate in the coming year and how that will affect the home and housewares business.

The IHA/HomePage News 2022 Occasions Report showcases analysis and insights into consumer gift preferences and shopping behaviors based on each of eight key life events expected to shape special occasions in 2022: engagements, bridal showers, weddings, new home ownership, new pet ownership, baby showers, off to college and retirement.

For each event type, the survey identified tendencies and preferences related to home and housewares product purchases.

“In 2020, births were down nearly 300,000 from past years, weddings and engagements were put on hold and new pet ownership went up dramatically. Things changed in life during the pandemic. With this report, our goal is to benchmark and understand how consumers will behave going forward,” IHA vice president, Leana Salamah said.

Survey respondents were mixed on whether and how often they, friends and family will experience celebratory occasions in 2022. Overall, new pet ownership (32%) and new home ownership (32%) were selected as the life events most likely to take place in the coming months. The largest share of adults (60%) said it was not likely friends or family would be leaving for college in the next year, all of which reflects current consumer pandemic behaviors.

Home and housewares goods are top of mind, especially to celebrate events such as a new home, leaving for college and weddings, with most of the expected buying activity taking place in July to September

Of the most popular home and housewares products mentioned for gift-giving, adults are most likely to say they would purchase a kitchen product for a wedding (51%) or housewarming (56%), bathroom/personal care products for a baby shower (42%), cleaning/home environment products for new pet ownership (51%), and bedroom products for someone leaving for college (53%).