NETGEAR is expanding its award-winning business portfolio, bringing a range of new Wi-Fi 6 Access Points: WAX202, WAX206, WAX214 and WAX218, to Australia and New Zealand.

As the newest additions to the Business Essentials product family, these units combine class leading performance, easy installation, and premium security to offer NETGEAR’s best value Wi-Fi options for businesses and home offices.

All units leverage the latest wireless standard, Wi-Fi 6, to deliver more coverage and consequently reduce spotty connectivity, congestion due to limited bandwidth, dropped connections, low speed, and lack of security.

In addition, WAX202 and WAX206 desktop Wireless Access Points can also integrate easily with the ceiling/wall mount WAX214 (feature image) and WAX218 access points. 

“The new desktop and ceiling/wall mount Wi-Fi 6 Access Points from the NETGEAR Business Essentials line of products make it possible for small businesses and working professionals to deploy reliable, high-performance, extremely secure, and easy-to-manage Wi-Fi networks at low price points,” NETGEAR chairman and CEO, Patrick Lo said.

The Wi-Fi 6 standard is deployed on all the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands, ensuring future compatibility to all Wi-Fi devices and backwards compatibility with devices using Wi-Fi 5.

The new range allows users to establish three (WAX202 and WAX206) or four (WAX214 and WAX218) separate wireless sub-networks each with separate dedicated channels (SSID) to maximise performance and security of every connection and user-type. 

Small business owners or work-from-home professionals can therefore separate their business/work network traffic from the network traffic associated with their children and again from their traditional home network traffic; all from a single access point.

Installation for each model is quick with a web-based interface and a guided step-by-step setup. Each access point also comes equipped with Insight Business VPN, an add-on service to Wi-Fi 6 business router mesh systems.

The full range of NETGEAR WAX Access Points are available for purchase from select online retailers, including the NETGEAR online store, with prices starting from $179.