Nespresso has collaborated with Colombian fashion designer, Johanna Ortiz, to launch its annual festive coffee capsule collection.

This year Nespresso’s festive collection encapsulates the brand’s devotion to the environment coffee is grown in, featuring a range of limited-edition coffees for both the Original and Vertuo systems, along with festive infused accessories.

To bring the design of the limited-edition collection to life, Nespresso partnered with Ortiz, whose innovative designs interplay between nature and sustainability truly transports coffee aficionados into Nespresso’s festive universe.

“For me, design and nature go hand in hand which is why this collaboration resonated personally,” Ortiz said.

“Colombian coffee also has a truly special place in my heart and as an active supporter in the fight against climate change, knowing that Nespresso is going beyond its agroforestry commitments by supporting the protection of 10 million trees in the Amazon, it was another huge reason why this collaboration made perfect sense. 

“When designing the collection, I took the idea of capturing the beauty of the forest throughout every piece, by incorporating rich forest canopies and dark earthy tones within my designs. It’s been an amazing process and partnership which I have deeply enjoyed,” she added.

The Original Line range incorporates Forest Black – a spicy espresso with exotic woody notes; Forest Fruit Flavour delivering juicy berry aromas and lingering cereal character that takes on a sweet pastry note; and Forest Almond Flavour boasting a sweet, nutty flavour with almond notes marked by vanilla and a light fruitiness.

The Vertuo Line range (pictured above) incorporates Forest Black offeringalluring spice and cereal notes amid exotic woody aromas; Forest Fruit Flavour which brings juicy berry aromas in a smooth cereal-noted base blend; and Forest Almond Flavour that has complex nutty aromas and cereal character.

Nespresso is also introducing a range of limited-edition accessories.

Nespresso is bringing back its Advent Calendar but for this edition, the packaging has been designed by Johanna Ortiz as part of her festive collaboration. Available for both Vertuo and Original coffee lover, this year’s advent calendar will take Nespresso lcustgomers through a different coffee each day from December 1to 23, with a special gift on the 24.

For those who enjoy getting out into nature, Nespresso’s latest Nomad travel mug is also part of the Johanna Ortiz collaboration. The new spill-proof travel mug comes in a burgundy shade, emulating the rich ripe berries of the forest.

Nespresso is also releasing two exclusively designed items for the festive season – a reversible organic-cotton tote bag and stylish notebook made from sustainable materials. Both are decorated with the signature Nespresso x Johanna Ortiz pattern showcasing sweeping forest canopies.

For a limited time only, Nespresso has revamped its iconic Touch Travel Mug now available in a golden colour for an extra sparkle while on the go.

Nespresso is also proud to be partnering with Conservation International to gift back to the forest this festive season. For almost 20 years Nespresso has been focused on protecting nature through agroforestry projects to protect the ecosystems its coffee farms rely on.

To take this further beyond coffee farming and support local communities, Nespresso is announcing its contribution to protecting 10 million trees in the Amazon Forest in La Pedrera, Colombia. The effort is in collaboration with Conservation International and La Pedrera’s Madroño community.