Just a few weeks ago, Nespresso launched its greenest machine to date, the Vertuo Next. The machine sports an enhanced design and smaller footprint and is made of 54% of recycled plastic with the packaging made of recycled cardboard.

According to Nespresso Oceania business executive officer, Jean-Marc Dragoli the feedback from both consumers and retailers has been very positive.

Video: The response to the new Nespresso Vertuo Next machine.

“Sustainability is a trend in the market but it’s not a trend for Nespresso, it is part of our DNA. We started our journey more than 10 years ago with our AAA program that helps coffee farmers around the world. It is something that is very close to us because coffee is affected by climate change and we want to ensure that we can supply high-quality coffee,” he told Appliance Retailer in a recent video interview.

“I was living in Latin America, Mexico and Brazil for more than 11 years, visiting a lot of coffee farms and I have seen what our sustainability program can do and how it impacts the life of the coffee farms. In the last 10 years, we have managed to reduce our carbon footprint by 30% and just recently our CEO made a commitment to reduce the remaining 70% in the next two years to become a fully carbon neutral company. This is extremely exciting and extremely important to us because we want to make sure our business has a positive impact on the planet.

Video: Sustainability is not just a trend for Nespresso, it’s part of the DNA.

“We have all witnessed the impact of climate change in Australia. I arrived in this country just one year ago and I remember the terrible bushfires last summer. It is a signal that there is no return and we have to do something. I believe companies like ours have a very important role to play in sustainability.”

New coffee blends mark the advent of Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas, the Vertuo Next will be the hero innovation from a machine perspective but Nespresso will be releasing a range of new coffee blends for the Vertuo range.

“The last quarter of the year is what we call our festive campaign – a moment to celebrate with a tradition of flavoured coffee,” Dragoli said.

Video: A sneak preview of the latest Nespresso coffee blends for this Christmas.

“Throughout the year, we had a lot of coffee launches inspired by Italy and this is moving in the same direction with the Amaretti flavour which blends perfectly with milk recipes and the Pecan Biscotti flavour for a fantastic flat white. Our third coffee is going in a different direction – it is a black coffee, Il Caffe, which is extremely intense yet smooth and blends perfectly with milk. I think it will be one of the favourites among Australian consumers.”

Nespresso will also be bringing the first capsule made of 80% recycled aluminium. “We have a recycling program here in Australia so when the capsules are recycled, the aluminium is recovered to make new capsules.”

Nespresso will support the launch of the Vertuo Next with a TVC and out-of-home campaign to coincide with the key Christmas sales period.

The resilience of an omnichannel approach

Dragoli acknowledged that many businesses have been impacted by the pandemic and Nespresso is one of them, although he believes an omnichannel business model has been key to remaining resilient, with products available for purchase in stores, online and via the call centre.

Video: How Covid-19 has shifted consumer spending behaviour and more broadly, coffee consumption.

“We had to shut down our boutiques in Australia and just recently we could re-open in Melbourne. We are seeing a clear shift from our physical stores to online because consumers want to continue to purchase and enjoy our coffee during this period,” he said.

“We have seen in-home consumption going up and I think it’s a natural progression with the lockdown and people working from home. Our out-of-home business has been severely impacted – consumption in offices, hotels and restaurants has dramatically reduced. But the picture is quiet positive and I am very proud of the work that our team have put in place in such a short period of time, switching the demand and switching the channels, and more recently in Victoria, we were able to provide fast service with pick-up in store and three hour delivery from our boutiques that were shut down, to ensure that consumers could continue to enjoy Nespresso coffee at home. I am sure these changes will continue throughout 2021 and consumers will continue to purchase more online.”