Timed to coincide with its experiential activity at the 2014 Good Food & Wine Shows, Nespresso has remastered its specialty Grand Cru for the long black coffee drinker.

Titled Fortissio Lungo and presented in an elegant teal capsule, this intense blend should satisfy those that enjoy sitting on a coffee rather than throwing back a ristretto or an espresso.

“Nespresso coffee experts increased the complexity and boldness of Fortissio Lungo with moving to a darker roast,” said Nespresso Oceania marketing and communications manager Nicole Parker. “The texture comes from the full-bodied and raw character of the Monsooned Malabar Arabica and its aromatic complexity comes from the roundness of Latin American Arabicas. The beans have been split roasted to attain a prominent body with richness.”

We’ve been drinking Fortissio Lungo in the office this week and it has been very popular. As a long black coffee drinker, I like a lungo that doesn’t lose intensity over a long extraction. I tend to savour coffees over a relatively long timeframe, around 30 minutes, so it’s important that a capsule coffee is robust enough to maintain strength and boldness.

Fortissio Lungo is one of three Grand Crus being incorporated into Everyday Gourmet host Justince Schofield’s free coffee and culinary courses at the Good Food & Wine Show in Sydney, 27-29 June 2014.

“In my line of work I like to experiment with different uses of flavour, whether featured in beverages or meals,” Schofield said. “That’s why I’m excited to be involved with Nespresso at this year’s Good Food & Wine Show, where I will teach guests the versatility of the Grands Crus and how they can complement both sweet or savoury recipes.”