Nespresso is bringing pour-over style coffee to capsule machines at the touch of a button.

The new Nespresso Vertuo Carafe set recreates the traditional pour-over coffee experience – which involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds and allowing it to drip into a carafe – thanks to the new Carafe Pour-Over Style blend.

Nespresso customers can now make two to three cups of pour-over style coffee (535ml) with just one capsule for a more delicate yet full-flavoured coffee. This is made possible through the addition of more coffee in the Vertuo capsules and Nespresso’s brewing technology which adjusts parameters according to the capsule.

Carafe Pour-Over Style is one of nine new blends to join the full range of over 30 Nespresso Vertuo coffees.

There are four new blends in the Espresso range including Il Caffe with hints of wood and cocoa (intensity 11), Orafio a light-bodied blend, low in bitterness with a hint of acidity (intensity 6), Toccanto offering wild, candied fruit notes (intensity 5), and double espresso dolce with malted cereal notes and slight hint of fruit (intensity 5).

Three new blends join the Decaffeinated range including Altissio Decaffeinato for a full-bodied and creamy espresso (intensity 9), Fortado Decaffeinato, the most intense coffee in the Gran Lungo size now comes decaffeinated (intensity 8), and Melozio Decaffeinato with smooth cereal note and honeyed sweetness (intensity 6).

The Mug range welcomes the new Inizio blend full of rich toasted cereal and wild floral notes (intensity 4).

To elevate the at-home coffee experience, Nespresso offers a range of accessories including the Vertuo Carafe set for Carafe Pour-Over Style coffee capsules and Nomad travel mugs for long coffees on the go, now available in olive green.