By engaging other manufacturers.

Nespresso is inviting local discussion around its Australian recycling scheme with other aluminium portioned coffee manufacturers.

This is in line with the company’s global 2020 Positive Cup initiative with the goal of making a positive impact on society and the environment with each coffee cup including 100% sustainably sourced quality coffee, end-to-end responsible management of aluminium, integrated actions on climate change and engagement from partners to consumers in the benefits of sustainable production and consumption.

In March this year, Nespresso announced that it would invite other manufacturers to join its recycling programs and last week in France, the company launched its first recycling partnership – the Alliance for the Recycling of Aluminium Capsules with Nestle and Jacobs Douwe Egberts (DWE).

By engaging with other manufacturers, Nespresso hopes to improve accessibility, convenience and efficiency of coffee capsule recycling. In the longer term, it is committed to working towards an industry-wide scheme or kerbside in Australia, examples of which have been successful overseas.

Nespresso Oceania general manager, Jean-Marc Dragoli said sustainability underpins everything at Nespresso and engaging other manufacturers is an important step in its wider sustainability efforts.

“We choose aluminium not only because it maintains the freshness and quality of the coffee but also because its infinitely recyclable meaning our capsules can go on to become bicycles, car engines – or even new Nespresso capsules.”

There are now over 20,000 recycling drop-off points around Australia from Nespresso boutiques to local participating florists and Australia Post boxes, as well as the bulk recycling kit option for businesses and community groups.

Nespresso has its own dedicated recycling scheme with a purpose-built facility in Nowra NSW.