By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Today’s announcement suggests that similar to the 3D debate, the success of IPTV hinges on content and accessibility — content is king.

A 24 hours a day news channel; dedicated AFL, NRL and V8 Supercars channels; BigPond Sports New; live horse racing from Sydney and Melbourne; and a music channel called BPM will be available to stream directly to the compatible TVs.

Samsung Electronics Australia’s group manager of AV, Evan Manolis, said Samsung was committed to delivering the latest on-demand content.

"Partnering with Telstra to deliver BigPond TV on our products…allows us to offer the very latest in content,” Manolis said.

Samsung visual display president, Boo-Keun Yoon, kicked off the CES 2011 keynote last week by assuring the audience that a smart TV is more than just another PC screen.

“One of the greatest misconceptions people have about smart TV is that it is a PC on a bigger screen,” Yoon said. “But smart TV is still above all a TV, and it needs to give consumers a ‘lean-back experience’ without any hassle and inconvenient keyboards. By letting people easily and comfortably control their smart TVs, Samsung is going to put TV back at the centre of consumers’ entertainment experiences.”

Speaking for LG, senior marketing manager for home entertainment, Tim Barnes said, “LG recognises that Australians want greater home entertainment choices and with the launch of BigPond TV, LG customers will hold an empowered viewing experience in the palm of their hands.”

Ben Kinealy, head of Telstra IPTV, said, “Telstra continues to lead the growth of IPTV in Australia.”  “Our BigPond TV audience is growing and now…more people will have access to our great content. News, sports and our music video channel, BPM, which is one of our most popular channels, all have rapidly growing audiences. BigPond TV is available unmetered for most BigPond broadband customers,” said Kinealy.

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