By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Hoover Floorcare general manager, John Kelly, has announced that due to restructuring of the group, he will be leaving Hoover Floorcare Asia Pacific, effective immediately.

“I’ve spent many years in the industry with Hoover, Maytag, Admiral and Philips brands,” said Kelly in a statement issued today.

“I am sorry to have to leave Hoover, however, everyone in the Australian appliance Industry is going through a massive re-structure both in retailer and supplier ranks. I think it is indicative of the tough times we find ourselves in and most participants have either reviewed their business model, or will have to face it in the near future to survive.

“In this industry that I’ve been a part of, I’ve seen major changes, witnessing the turmoil the market has faced many times but always survived. It is testament to those who have taken on change, challenges and re-invented themselves and their companies.

“Even in the USA, the home of Hoover for 100 years, change has come with takeovers and restructure. We should not be afraid of change but embrace it. It is how we evolve and keep pace with the consumers’ demands for the best product at the best value.

“Sometimes markets change through technological innovation, sometimes it is the re-vamping of the market delivery structure that changes. To paraphrase a clever pundit, ‘brand and quality remain long after the price has been forgotten’.

“Having had the privilege of driving brand values for a long time in Australia and New Zealand I remain committed to this premise.”

Kelly has confirmed that after a short break he will return to put his ‘experience to good use’.

Kelly’s decision to leave Hoover comes on the back of the recent sale of Godfreys for $350 million as well as the sale of the Hoover floorcare business to Hong Kong’s Techtronic Industries (TTI) for approximately $107 million.