One of the most picturesque stands at EuroCucina has traditionally been BSH’s NEFF stand and once again the brand lived up to its reputation with a beautiful exhibition area themed as a Tuscan villa and garden.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the signature ’Slide & Hide’ feature available on NEFF ovens, BSH Home Appliances managing director, Andrew Jones and BSH Home Appliances general manager retail, Robert Warner were at EuroCucina to provide an insight into the development of the NEFF brand in the Australian market as it looks beyond its oven focus and solidifies its position as a total cooking brand.

“I want retailers to know NEFF is a cooking brand over-and-above an oven brand and that a suite of products is available,” Jones said.

“Slide & Hide remains the key feature and hook for consumers and it is a truly unique selling point in a sea of products and brands offering very similar USPs – but I also want everyone to understand the full capability of the NEFF brand. I would love the Australian retailer to see how strong and how defined NEFF is in our portfolio and its potential in the Australian market as there is space for this brand to thrive and that’s what we want retailers to take visually back with them to the local market.

“The consumer and retailer need to understand that they have everything they need for an entire kitchen and it is important that is represented with how we go to market visually in advertising, on our website and shop frontages – we have a responsibility that we are not just showing the oven brand – we are also showing the cooking brand,” Jones said.

“One of the benefits is that we have brands in the BSH portfolio that can play separate roles and we do not need them to be crossing over,” Warner said.

“The role that NEFF plays as a premium cooking brand is a specific one, but it also appeals to a mass audience and to a mass market. It isn’t narrow and that is one of the true benefits of the brand. Slide & Hide is the perfect way to open consumers up to NEFF and we are looking forward to celebrating 20 years of this unique innovation in the local market later this year and the start of next year.

“However, it is also important to understand there are enough products throughout the range so that the entire kitchen can be fitted out using NEFF for that passionate cook who wants to entertain friends and family at home,” Warner said.