By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: The BMW giveaway and now the new ‘Life’s 2 Good’ promotion from LG Electronics Australia are the start of a continued focus on highlighting the premium qualities of the LG range.

“A lot of the advertising from LG that you will see will be more and more focused on our premium products so consumers will be exposed to more and more messages about how premium LG’s products are,” said LG Electronics Australia senior category marketing manager, Stan Bilinski.

“This ‘Life’s 2 Good’ promotion is the logical continuation of the BMW promotion. We’ve spent the past 18 months raising awareness of our premium range with consumers and retailers. The BMW promotion was the first major statement about our premium products.

“And starting today we’re offering another reward type of promotion for consumers to purchase our premium products and this applies to our premium range of TVs and our premium Side-By-Side and French Door refrigeration range.

“We’re going to have the widest range of French Door fridges of any brand in Australia and … if someone was after another brand of fridge they may not have been aware in the past that LG offers a range of fridges that are functionally superior and technically superior than a lot of the other brands.”

The top four brands in the Australian market, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony, are all running generous giveaway promotions in the lead up to Christmas and Bilinski said that LG wants to make sure it has a strong offer for this period.

“The last two months of the year are where a majority of consumers make big ticket item purchases and we want to help retailers capitalise on that and we believe that the ‘Life’s 2 Good’ promotion will help consumers consider purchasing these premium big ticket items from LG when there’s so much value linked with it.

“There are a few of these promotions going on at the moment but we feel that ours has the slight edge in terms of the quality of the giveaway, ours is a Full HD TV, which is a fantastic product.”

Bilinski also highlighted the advantages to retailers of consumer promotions like this.

“I think retailers are a winner with the giveaway promotions, consumers are of course winners as well, but these promotions will trigger a lot of consumers to purchase a big ticket item before the end of the year. Retailers can also rely less on discounting a product and rely more on the added value that this promotion is offering. And retailers support these promotions because they know it raises consumer awareness and drives traffic into their store.”