By Craig Zammit

LAS VEGAS: Nintendo has used the recent E3 gaming expo held in Las Vegas, USA to unveil its latest range of Wii software titles, including a Wii fitness game as well as a unique ‘light gun’ housing for the Wii controller.

The new peripheral for the Wii, tentatively titled the Wii Zapper, provides users a two-handed gun controller which can be pointed at the screen in order to control aiming and shooting functions in first-person shooter titles.

According to Nintendo, gaming titles to take advantage of the Wii Zapper will include Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Metal of Honour: Heroes 2, and Sega’s Ghost Squad.

Also revealed at E3 among Nintendo’s incumbent Wii gaming titles was a new concept in gaming, Wii Fit, which will employ the use of a ‘balance board’. The board is placed on the floor with each movement along its surface registered by the board’s sensors, translating actions into aerobics, yoga, push-ups and even Hula-Hooping.

The new game will also allow users to check-up on other gamer’s fitness progress, allowing for ‘healthy competition’.

Other Wii gaming titles which created a stir for Nintendo at E3 include Guitar Hero 3, Spiderman: Friend or Foe, Bee Movie Game, High School Musical: Sing It!, FIFA Soccer ’08, MySims, NBA Live ’08, Need For Speed: ProStreet, Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’08, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground and more.