By Claire Reilly

As Australian retailers gear up to sell refrigerators through the Australian summer, LG Electronics has announced a cash back offer on selected models in its range, targeted at getting consumers to ‘fill their fridge’.

Timed to coincide with the launch of LG’s new Door-in-Door French Door Refrigerator, the promotion offers consumers up to $400 cash back on certain LG refrigerators, purchased at participating retailers between 12 September 2012 and 4 January 2013.

“With households in Australia wasting, on average, between $500 and $1,000 a year as a result of cluttered, disorganised fridges, this promotion will help consumers make some of that money back whilst having the option to upgrade to a fridge which revolutionises food organisation,” said an LG spokesperson.

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Consumers are required to register for the promotion on a dedicated LG Electronics website, which will go live when the promotion begins tomorrow.

Eligible refrigerator models and corresponding cash back value (as provided by LG):
GR-D907SL – $400
GR-D730SL – $400
GC-D247SL – $400
GR-L730SL – $200
GR-L219CSL – $200
GR-L218CSL – $200
GR-L218ASL – $200
GM-F238SS – $200
GM-B208ST – $200
GR-P247STL – $200
GC-P247ESL – $200
GC-L247ENSL – $200
GC-B247ESL – $200
GC-P197STL – $100
GC-P197DPSL – $100
GC-L197DNL – $100

Point of sale artwork for LG's refrigerator cash-back promotion.