Strength to provide stability.

The combined strengths of the Narta and Dorsett Retail Group are expected to provide long-term stability and growth for the Retravision retailing brand.

In an exclusive interview with Dorsett Retail Group MD, David Dorsett-Lynn told Appliance Retailer that the licensing agreement signed with the Narta group is providing the brand with the best opportunity to prosper.

Earlier this year, Dorsett acquired the license to franchise Retravision stores in Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia from Narta. There is a non-exclusive arrangement for the remaining states.

The team at the recently opened Retravision Midland store 

“Narta has licensed the Retravision brand to Dorsett Retail so we can grow the brand together within the Narta buying group. The strengths that Narta and Dorsett bring to the table go hand in hand.
If you think about it, Narta has industry excellence as a buying group to provide high level services to suppliers, retailers around product, data and a future road maps and scale by the combined group for our success.”

“Dorsett brings its expertise to the table around our Point of Sale System, retail executions and back end solutions to make the workload at store front easier. Essentially Dorsett Retail Group provides retail efficiencies under Narta which provides scale in buying and services”

“For many retailers that are not part of a brand like Retravision and/or stand alone in retail – all the administrative duties, planning of marketing events can just rob you of time that you would in a perfect world be putting into your store execution and customer care,” Dorsett said.

New Retravision signage at the Midland store in Western Australia 

The recent move by Geraldton-based retailer Mitchell & Brown to add the Retravision brand is an example of a business that is deriving the benefits of the Dorsett retail component and Narta buying and services strengths.

“Mitchell & Brown has been a Narta member for over 15 years this combined with now the Retail efficiencies the Dorsett retail group provides them a more robust business model.