By Patrick Avenell

St George Appliances has issued a correction to its new BeefEater BBQ promotion. At the same time, the Australian cookware manufacturer has announced another promotion for its induction cooktops.

The change to the original promotions concerns the date that this value-add deal will conclude. In this deal, customers who spend more than $5,000 on a St George Kitchen combination package before 31 October 2008 will receive a BeefEater BBQ valued at up to $1,699. To be eligible to redeem a barbecue, eligible customers must register at a dedicated website within 14 days of purchase.

In a second promotion, customers who purchase a St George induction cooktop between 9 September and 31 December will be able to redeem a five-piece induction cookware set valued at $429. Once again, eligible customers must register their purchase with 14 days of buying their cooktop.

The website in questions is