By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: The Retravision Television Network, an in-store network-wide digital advertising and promotional system, is primed for growth following the appointment of Tom McGarry as the network’s sales and marketing manager.

First launched in December 2006, the Retravision Channel was the first national high-definition out-of-home digital network in Australia. Now the Retravision Television Network (RTV) comprises 5,500 flat panel displays installed in Retravision stores nationally throughout metropolitan, regional and rural Australia.

A partner in the system is Prime Digital Media, a provider of Out-of-Home Digital (OOHD) media, which is essentially advertising on digital TV screens.

However, the potential of OOHD far exceeds advertising, it can also function as a service for suppliers to offer product training in Retravision stores, and even assist with the sales process with perhaps a sales presentation or key sales messages on screen to be accessed during the sale — the application has lots of potential.

Digital TV advertising is popular in retail outlets because it capitalises on the fact that it targets 100 per cent of its prime target audience, at point of sale, rather than other forms of advertising which are typically a scatter-gun approach.

Tom McGarry has been employed by Retravision and is responsible for managing the sales strategy and developing the network. This will involve day-to-day operational matters related to RTV as well as helping existing and future clients understand the features of this centrally managed network.

“We design all the content, suppliers can purchase air time or use it for training proposes, so rather than send trainers out to around 400 stores nationally, the product can be out of date before they get out to everyone,” McGarry said.

McGarry has over 22 years experience in the Australian media industry in senior management roles in indoor and outdoor, exhibition, pint, radio, direct marketing, agency as well FMCG.

“At the moment we offer 16 different channel contents including live entertainment with sport, weather and news headlines, extreme sports, technical news and updates, a holiday channel with travel destinations, high definition footage, and even clips of the latest family friendly movies — it’s a showstopper,” he said.

“We’ve done the research to support it, the consumers walk through the door and stop in their tracks to look at the screens.”