Myer has inked a new two-year strategic partnership with global supply chain specialist, Ligentia, to further enhance and automate Myer’s international supply chain.

Under the new agreement, Ligentia will continue to manage Myer’s international supply chain, supported by the Ligentix supply chain platform which provides accurate landed cost and end-to-end visibility from production confirmation, to freight booking, through to delivery to stores.

Ligentia Australia managing director, Dean Neville said, “We’re delighted that Myer has rewarded our service over the past three years by extending our agreement. We look forward to continuing our work collaboratively with Myer’s team, to help deliver more supply chain efficiency and visibility.”

Handling the importation of over 20,000 TEU of goods per year into Australia for Myer, the Ligentia team manages Myer’s international suppliers and oversees the booking and delivery of 88 million units per year of inventory manufactured in key locations such as China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey and elsewhere.

Ligentia’s offshore teams handle quality control checks, security tagging and other pre-retailing services before port splitting and scan packing each unit of stock against Myer’s store allocation list.

Myer executive general manager of supply chain, Tony Carr added, “Our requirement for an international freight partner had to marry up with the Myer Customer First Plan and our move into becoming a data driven business.

“Ligentia’s commitment to proven technology and supply chain visibility, combined with their customer hub and people approach, made it an easy decision for us. Ligentia’s freight and OVAS services coverage from Asia, sub-continent and European origins, provides Myer with a dependable and agile supply chain platform to deliver our directly sourced products into Australia effectively and with transparent efficiency.”