To celebrate 100 years of history.

Myer has launched its latest campaign, Australia Lives Here, celebrating Australia’s history as the department store looks to the past by bringing to life the products and experiences that have played integral roles in Australian’s memories.

The department store has curated a list of 100 items sold by Myer between 1900 and 2000 that have shaped Australian lives or brought about significant moments of societal change in Australia.

From the first vacuum cleaner, to the first television, the first Prue Acton dress or the original Sony Walkman, these products will be featured online at and at Myer’s iconic Bourke Street store from August 8, 2017 to September 15, 2017.

To complete the campaign, Myer is looking to its customers to help locate the remaining 30 items that are yet to complete the product list. Myer is calling on Australians who have these items to submit their story at and help complete the exhibition. Consumers with the original item will have a chance to win its 2017 equivalent.

For example, an original Coolgardie Safe from the 1900’s, could win the customer a brand new Smeg fridge. The classic 1960’s Etch A Sketch toy could win a Samsung Tablet, a portable Gramaphone from the 1940’s will see the customer receive a Bose wireless sound system, or an original 1960’s Barbie doll, then the complete 2017 range of Barbie could be theirs.

Myer executive general manager for brand, marketing and loyalty, Michael Scott said, “Every Australian has a Myer story to share. For my family, it was always a special occasion heading in to town from country Victoria for a shopping experience at Myer, and those memories and products have stuck with me over the years. Through Australia Lives Here, we are keen to hear from our customers on how these iconic products have played a role in their lives. This campaign and exhibition celebrates the beautiful stories that Australians have to share and documents the rich history of our country.”