Last week when Myer released its financial results for FY15, the company stated that, “sales on iPads in stores reached $20 million in the first 11 months” in its key operational highlights, in a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Appliance Retailer spoke to Myer corporate affairs manager, Mel Ward, to understand just what the company meant.

Myer staff

Ward confirmed that the iPads referred to in the company statement are used by team members. The devices feature a My Customer Orders app that allows staff to order products in from another store or have the product sent out to the customer’s home address.

Although Ward could not directly comment on how the New Myer strategy will affect the retailer’s consumer electronics and homewares department, she did confirm that the strategy will “focus on the lifestyle and shopping habits of the majority of customers to create an appropriate layout and redesign of store departments.”

The retailer’s flagship stores have also undergone a recent layout redesign in the homewares department.

“Rather than having kettles and toasters just sitting there next to one another, the homewares department has been revitalised with a ‘home-like’ experiential layout that replicates kitchen and dining room spaces,” Ward told Appliance Retailer.