Former Samsung head of marketing Lambro Skropidis will start at LG Electronics on Monday 26 March 2012. Skropidis resigned from Samsung Electronics Australia in December 2011 after three years in at the company.

An LG Electronics insider confirmed this appointment and the start date to this afternoon.

Skropidis had a very successful stint as the head of marketing at Samsung, overseeing the Korean company’s meteoric rise in the smartphone and tablet categories, whilst also positioning Samsung’s broad range of products at higher price points.

In an exclusive interview with last year, Skropidis outlined his vision for Samsung to be a value player rather than one selling a lot of volume at cheaper prices.

“The challenge for us is to become the overall value leader in the category — we’re having a really good run from a volume perspective, the last two periods in GfK we were the unit leader in the category, but from our perspective, trading below $250 is not really what it’s all about for us, so we’re going to continue to bring better and better innovations in higher price points,” was how Skropidis approached the digital camera category, in which Samsung is now a major player, both in the point-and-shoot and compact system camera categrories.

LG can expect to benefit not just from Skropidis proven success, but also from his institutional intelligence of their Korean rivals. The battle between Samsung and LG is intensely fierce, with the rival Korean companies placing enormous emphasis in having greater the better of the market in any given category.