The stereo Bluetooth® headset for Music lovers

The MM200 is the first Stereo Bluetooth® headset in the Sennheiser Communications product range offering the premium sound quality Sennheiser is famous for.

Choose your ideal size ear pad for an optimum fit and get high isolation against environmental noise as well as a very good bass response.

  • Sennheiser MM 200 Bluetooth Headset
  • Feature Overview
  • Premium sound quality to maximize enjoyment of your modern mobile multimedia tool
  • Superb stereo sound, with high dynamics and excellent bass response
  • Latest Bluetooth® technology for maximum freedom
  • Subtle in-ear monitors which effectively block out surrounding noise
  • 3 ear pad sizes allow for superior individual fit and optimal acoustics
  • A2DP stereo Bluetooth® headset with premium sound quality
  • 2 sources simultaneous – e.g. MP# player and mobile phone
  • Mobile phone control: answer/end/reject, mic muting, transfer call
  • Bluetooth® 2.0
  • Multiple wearing style (lanyard and/or clothing clip)
  • Multiple charging system (USB charging, mains, car)
  • 2-year guarantee

RRP: $199.95 | NZ PRP: $199.95