OPPO has delivered two breakthroughs in high-speed flash charging – 150W SUPERVOOC with Battery Health Engine (BHE) and 240W SUPERVOOC flash charge technology, in addition to its latest 5G CPE device, the OPPO 5G CPE T2, at Mobile World Congress 2022.

OPPO has integrated its self-developed BHE within the ultra-fast 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge, allowing the battery to maintain 80% of its original capacity after as many as 1,600 charge cycles – double the current industry standard.

Evolving from the leading 125W SUPERVOOC flash charge technology, 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge with BHE uses direct charging technology with two charge pumps which can support up to 20V/7.5A charging.

In addition, the adapter for 150W SUPERVOOC with BHE leverages gallium nitride (GaN) to reduce the size of the adapter to nearly the same size as the previous generation 65W SUPERVOOC adapter.

To improve all-round charging experience, 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge features the Battery Health Engine, powered by OPPO’s customised battery management chip and includes Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology. Together, they improve battery health, safety, and performance by optimising the hardware and software.

BHE will be integrated into most mid-to-high-end OPPO and OnePlus phones in the future, while 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge with BHE will debut on a OnePlus smartphone in Q2 2022.

240W SUPERVOOC flash charge technology marks the latest technological breakthrough in the mobile phone industry. Charging a 4,500mAh battery from 1% to 100% in about 9 minutes, 240W SUPERVOOC sets a new benchmark in flash charging. 

Designed with 24V/10A technology on the Type-C interface, 240W SUPERVOOC boasts three charge pumps and the power supplied to the handsets can be converted to 10V/24A. The battery’s leading discharge rating allows the hardware to support a maximum of 240W.

OPPO minimises potential safety hazards and risks by adopting five safety protection measures as well as a specially customised intelligent control chip that controls the voltage, current, and temperature to deliver a safe charging solution.

A customised battery safety monitoring chip monitors whether the battery of the mobile phone is damaged by external forces when in use. Temperature protection has been enhanced via 13 temperature sensors installed in the phone, reducing the chance of overheating and avoiding abnormalities. 

OPPO 5G CPE T2 (pictured above) delivers faster and more stable connectivity, making it ideal for homes and offices to enjoy the speed and convenience of 5G network. The T2 features an all-new design and recycled materials, as well as OPPO’s latest O-Reserve 2.0 smart antenna technology and tailored optimisations in collaboration with Qualcomm.

5G CPE devices convert 5G signals into Wi-Fi or LAN network connections, allowing multiple devices to connect to a 5G service. In areas without existing broadband infrastructure, devices can connect to fast 5G internet by simply connecting to a 5G CPE device with a 5G SIM card installed.

The OPPO 5G CPE T2 features a Qualcomm SnapdragonTM X62 5G Modem-RF system, achieving over 20% increases in data transfer speeds versus the platform baseline. In terms of compatibility, the T2’s hardware architecture is designed so that the Snapdragon X62 5G modem can be interchanged with the Snapdragon X65 modem, enabling OPPO to upgrade the T2 if needed based on operator clients’ requirements.

For the T2’s antenna, OPPO has introduced its latest O-Reserve 2.0 smart antenna technology, which monitors signals received by eight antennas in real time and selecting four of these antennas based on the gain strength and signal quality to form a downlink route.