By Chris Nicholls

QUEENSLAND: Consumer electronics brand Voxson has launched their first 1080p full HD TV, with a dedicated HDMI slot marked for Blu-ray to ease confusion among consumers.

Part of Voxson’s HD product rollout, the 42’’ LCD42XT also comes with two other HDMI sockets, 5.1 channel sound output, a WX69 graphics processor, 3000 to 1 contrast and 8ms response time.

Voxson sales director, Nick Longginou, said they marked one HDMI slot specifically for Blu-ray after market research they conducted indicated children and adults wanted a slot marked for Playstation 3s or Blu-Ray players to help them connect with minimal confusion.

 “I know that with the Playstation machines that are out there, kids want to just connect straight into a dedicated slot, so we’ve done that for them,” he said. 

The LCD42XT will be available in a ‘Piano Black’ finish later this month.

Voxson also recently launched a full range of commercially-focused large screen LCD TVs with both integrated HD tuner and combined built-in DVD player with 5.1 channel output, a first for Australia, the company claimed.

The products have been aimed at pubs, clubs and hotels that want an all-in-one solution to mount on the wall. The line up includes 26-inch, 32-inch, 37-inch and 42-inch models, all with twin HDMI inputs.