LG Electronics has just announced the release of its new Blu-ray player the BD370, which is the first Blu-ray player in the Australian market to introduce YouTube streaming.

The new premium release from LG offers consumers the ability to stream online media from YouTube with high-speed internet. This new feature allows users to access a wide range of videos and no longer have to use a keyboard and mouse, with complete functionality from the remote control.

As well as this BD Live is also supported, which will allow you to connect to the internet and download movie trailers, subtitles and other data like games and quizzes.

The ability for this machine to access YouTube is a major drawcard for the new BD370 and is an increasingly sought after feature that many companies are embracing.

Earlier in the year, video game manufacturers Sony and Nintendo introduced YouTube connectivity to their Playstation 3 and Wii consoles, by allowing users to connect to a dedicated YouTube channel, which enhances the site and optimises it for television viewing.

The website, youtube.com/tv, is only accessible through the built in server in both consoles and offered consumer the first real opportunity to have optimal YouTube viewing in the comfort of their lounge room on the big screen.

The new BD370 is the nest step for the Australian market and will allow a greater number of people to access YouTube and the numerous services it offers.

As well as these online features, the new release form LG also comes with Full HD 1080p playback and up-scaling for DVDs, HDMI 1.3, 7.1 channel decoder, USB Plus, and Express Reaction technology.

It also comes with an interesting design feature that distinguishes between what format disc is in the player. A central panel light indicates a Blu-ray disc with a blue light, orange for DVDs and violet for CDs.

The BD370 Blu-ray disc player from LG will be available in March for a SRP of $449.