By Claire Reilly

Miele has launched its 2012 collection of rangehoods, with a series of models to suit different kitchens, as well as a new designs that offer a more creative take on the conventional kitchen extractor fan.

The new collection features three different models – including energy-efficient, non-ducted and mood-lighting designs – with another three models that remain in the range from 2011.

“As stunning showpieces, these rangehoods make a statement within the contemporary kitchen environment; that is beautiful yet extremely functional,” said a Miele spokesperson. “German engineered and tested to last the equivalent of 20 years of average household use, Miele rangehoods combine optimum vapour extraction with exceptional design.”

Each rangehood offers its own unique selling point, as well as plenty of different features for retailers to sell consumers on.

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DA 6390 Eco Package rangehood (RRP $3,199)
The energy-efficient DA 6390 includes a range of features designed to reduce energy consumption by up to 70 per cent, including a more efficient DC motor, LED down-lighting and an electronic PowerManagement feature that saves power when the unit is not in use.

DA 7000 Aura island hood (RRP $5,999) and DA 7090 W Aura wall mounted hood (RRP $3,999)
Designed for apartments or homes where ducting is difficult, the elliptical Aura rangehood does not require a chimney, and features NoSmell active charcoal filters that recirculate air without odours.

DA 6290 W Lumen Décor Rangehood (RRP $3,199)
A variation on a more traditional design, the Lumen features LED glass edge lighting integrated into the rangehood canopy which can be set to cycle through a full spectrum of colours to create a mood lighting effect.

Also in the range are three models from 2011, including the fully-integrated DA 6000 W Cabrio Wall Décor Rangehood (RRP $10,999) which is built into the kitchen wall space, the adjustable height DA 424 V Varia telescopic rangehood (RRP $6,499) and the DA 5000 D island rangehood (RRP $7,499).