Recently appointed Motorola head of marketing, Danielle Hoppitt has shared her plans to elevate brand awareness and consideration for the brand in 2024.

Hoppitt joined Motorola in 2023 after a decade working within Samsung’s mobile experience division, leading the marketing strategy for the Optus account across consumer and business channels.

Hoppitthasmore than 15 years in B2C and B2B marketing in the telecommunication and technology industry. She’s developed and executed marketing strategies and plans to support business objectives with a skill set spanning ATL, retail, digital, PR, activations, and product GTM.

In her latest role, Hoppitt aims to reconnect with audiences nostalgic for the brand while simultaneously introducing Motorola to new demographics.  

“The goal is to position Motorola to stand out in the market emphasising the unique ways that our smartphones can serve as an important tool for showcasing who we are,” she told Appliance Retailer.

“Our partnerships with the likes of Pantone, the global authority on colour, reinforce our commitment to empowering self-expression as we aim to reach younger trend-aware audiences. Motorola’s mission is to make technology more accessible and help consumers use technology to connect intentionally. We aim to give people what they want and need in a smartphone, while also improving their overall user experience. 

“In addition to celebrating our colour relationships and unique designs, our marketing strategy will focus on highlighting our software capabilities, AI capabilities and amplifying the Moto UX experiences which allow users to personalise everything from the interface to the language and more. There are also shortcuts that simplify common actions like turning on the camera with a flick of the wrist, or the flashlight with a ‘chop chop’ motion.”

Focus on growing market share

Over the next 12 months, Motorola is poised to make significant strides in the industry with plans to increase visibility, emphasise local product launches, and actively participate in key cultural moments.

“With a commitment to delivering exceptional products, Motorola aims to drive awareness and consideration among consumers. Despite the brand having a positive connection with previous generations, we do recognise that many may not be aware that Motorola is available today. The company is keen on introducing its offerings to a whole new generation of consumers,” Hoppitt said.

“A key strategy involves marketing products that align more closely with the demographic, ensuring that the features and benefits resonate with the target audience. This approach is designed to foster a positive connection and drive consumer interest in our innovations.

“Consistency across products is a focal point, reinforcing the brand identity and creating a unified experience for consumers. Motorola is dedicated to ensuring that its success extends to its partners. This includes providing guidelines, playbooks, and resources to make it as easy and tailored as possible for partners to replicate campaigns.”

Collaboration with retail partners

In the coming year, Motorola is committed to maintaining a close and symbiotic relationship with retail partners, with the shared goal of increasing sales for both parties.

“The key to this success lies in understanding their unique needs through objectives gaining insights into their customer base, business objectives, and strategic initiatives,” Hoppitt said.

“For each of our partners, we complete a comprehensive analysis to determine how Motorola can complement our partners’ goals. Jointly establishing objectives and ambitions is a crucial aspect of this collaboration, fostering a sense of shared purpose. Whether it’s achieving significant growth or expanding market share, the focus will be on understanding why Motorola and its retail partners are in collaboration, identifying the synergies that make the partnership successful.

“It is important we continue to recognise the pivotal role that retail partners play in Motorola’s success. This includes acknowledging their significance in the market, actively participating in co-marketing initiatives, and exploring collaborative opportunities. By actively directing leads to partner sites and engaging in co-marketing activities, Motorola aims to strengthen these partnerships, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship that drives success for both parties.”