Adelaide and Victoria have been experiencing some of the hottest weather in history and it’s starting to be the same in Sydney, with temperatures expected to reach an unbearable 47°C in some parts of the western suburbs over the weekend.

But this unusually hot weather has proved to be a fantastic opportunity for retailers, due to the dramatic increase in sales of cooling products like air conditioners and fans.

Most retailers across the affected states have experienced a huge demand for these products and a lot of stores have been selling out completely, and increasing orders to keep up with the demand.

The last few months have been very tough for retailers, with consumer spending on the decline and many retail chains implementing drastic staff cuts and store closures.

But this unexpected heat wave may be just what the struggling retailers need to boost their sales.

Many retailers are currently implementing ‘beat the heat’ sales and are luring customers in with fantastic bargains on air conditioners and cooling products, but are also reducing a wide range of products to tempt the public whilst they are in the store.

Tom Antonio, a member of Narta and the former mayor of Whyalla in SA, has implemented such a sale at Electrical Discounters. Offering consumers excellent service and providing them with much needed cooling products at a time when a lot of larger retailers are struggling to meet the demand.

Antonio shoots his own ads and is famous for his tagline: “Thomas, how do you do it? I dunno?”