To help feed those in need.

For every mobile phone recycled until the end of February, MobileMuster will donate the value of a meal to OzHarvest, helping them to feed people in need across the country.

Electronic waste, including small gadgets such as mobile phones and their accessories are the fastest growing waste in Australia with 25 million old, unused handsets sitting around at home and in the workplace ready to be recycled.

“We know four million of these old mobile handsets are broken and completely unusable which is a huge opportunity for all Aussies to clean out their junk drawers and get those broken handsets recycled,” MobileMuster recycling manager, Spyro Kalos said.

MobileMuster recycling manager, Spyro Kalos with OzHarvest CEO, Ronni Kahn

MobileMuster aims to recycle 60,000 mobiles, which will help OzHarvest provide 60,000 meals to vulnerable Australians.

“This initiative will ask mobile phone users to think about how they can put their old unused mobiles to good use and tackle two of Australia’s big waste challenges; e-waste and food waste,” Kalos said.

“We know Australians waste around $10 billion of food each year, that’s almost four million tonnes of food ending up in landfill.  Good food should not go to waste when there are still so many hungry people” OzHarvest founder and CEO, Ronni Kahn said.

“OzHarvest is excited to partner with MobileMuster on the Mobile for a Meal campaign, as it creates sustainable action by turning recycled electronic waste into nourishing meals,” Kahn added.

For those who wish to participate, simply drop off the old mobile, along with any accessories including chargers, at a mobile phone retail store, or post them to MobileMuster using a free recycling satchel, available at Australia Post. Consumers can show their support online through the use of the campaign hashtag #mobileforameal.