By Angela Dorizas

SYDNEY: Philips has reported strong growth in men’s shaving for the year to date, with a record market value share of 58.6 per cent in February.

Philips male shaving also recorded a 55 per cent value share for the January to April period, according to the latest GFK results.

“We started off the year with a bang and we had a record market share of 58.6 per cent in February,” said Philips Consumer Lifestyle Australia business manager, Roni Robertson.

Philips attributes this growth to its competitive product offerings.

“We have a very competitive range of shavers from high to mid price points,” Robertson told Current.

Philips anticipates continued growth in the lead-up to Father’s Day and Christmas, Robertson said.

“Father’s Day is a key time for men’s shaving. We have got Father’s Day in the bag, in terms of planning,” Robertson added.

Philips is seeking to strengthen its market share with a new promotional campaign. During the month of June, consumers can trade in their old electric shaver for the new Philips arcitec and receive a $100 cashback.

According to Philips, the $100 cashback is the highest promotion ever offered on its arcitec shavers.

“We have a very good promotional program covering retailer and consumer needs,” Robertson said.

The campaign will be supported by free-to-air TVCs throughout June, Robertson added.

The $100 cashback is available with all Philips arcitec models, including the RQ1095, RQ1075, RQ1060 and RQ1050. A $50 cashback is also available on the Philips Nivea For Men blade shaver range.