By Angela Dorizas

SYDNEY: This year the Hong Kong Electronics Fair will celebrate its fifth anniversary, kicking off the Spring Edition on April 14.

The fair is a sourcing platform for more that 51,400 buyers from around 153 regions. This includes approximately 900 Australian buying delegates representing major vendors and retailers such as Sunbeam, Teac, Wow Sight and Sound, Target, Kmart, Big W, Yale Prima and Super Cheap Auto.

According to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), organisers of the event, the fair showcases the latest trends in consumer electronics.

“The fair is a microcosm of global industry trends and a sourcing hub for many thousands of electrical and electronic products,” HKTDC assistant marketing manager, Peter Bosevski, told Current.

With its focus on design, the Hall of Fame will be the main attraction. This section will feature the latest designer collections from recognisable CE brands.

Other categories include audio visual, electronic parts, components and production technology, healthcare, home appliances, personal electronics, security, accessories and telecommunications.

The HKTDC is offering special VIP offers, including a free suppliers list of Hong Kong companies, to all buyers who register.

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