Mitsubishi Electric Australia has introduced the Plasma Quad Connect, a high-grade filtration system with proven results in inhibiting airborne influenza virus particles, dust, mould and other inhalable particles down to PM2.5.

The Plasma Quad Plus Filtration System is suitable for both new and existing installations, including selected units from Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted, cassette or ducted air conditioning units.

In addition to independent testing that proves the filter technology’s effectiveness, the system’s high-performance two-stage plasma technology also significantly improves indoor air quality by inhibiting six key indoor pollutants including influenza virus, bacteria, PM2.5, allergens, mould and dust.

It works as an electrical curtain, using an electrical discharge to filter and reduce even microscopically small particles in the air, including the capture of PM2.5 particles, which are up to 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Mitsubishi Electric Australia national product manager, Atesh Mani says that the Plasma Quad Connect air conditioning filter helps to improve to improve and purify air quality for the home or office.

“In today’s climate, we are becoming increasingly aware of how clean our air is, particularly in our homes and where we work. The high effectiveness in reducing contaminating factors from the Plasma Quad filter may provide relief for those who suffer allergic reactions from airborne pollutants or asthma,” he said.

As the unit is electrically charged and needs to be connected via mounting brackets, installation is required by a qualified technician. It is available in three different modules to suit ducted, cassette and wall mounted split system air conditioners.