Pioneer has just revealed a new range of 9th generation KURO Full-HD products to their home entertainment range.

Expanding the company’s already impressive product portfolio are: the third 50 inch Full-HD model (PDP-C509A), a 50 inch Full-HD monitor (KRP500M) and 60 inch LX model (PDP-LX509A).

The 8th generation KURO plasma’s received multiple awards and were the declared the world’s best, and Pioneer have only increased their chances of reigning supreme once again.

Pioneer strive on making sure the quality of black levels are of the highest standard in all of their plasma’s and the new 9th generation models improve levels by five times.

“Pioneer sets out to develop the world’s best black because simply put, it’s the most important attribute in a television,” quotes Pioneer.

Some of the other new improvements are: an advanced ASIC video processor, improved filter for enhanced contrast in bright environments, exclusive cell structure with crystal emissive layer for more intense black with added detail, a DLNA-certified Ethernet port offering Full-HD home networking, as well as a completely integrated DVB tuner.

Pioneer claim that this new range of KURO plasma’s will “take Pioneer yet another groundbreaking step towards HDTV perfection”.