Miele has secured its third accolade this year from consumer research company Canstar Blue, having won Canstar Blue’s inaugural Most Satisfied Customers Award for Ovens.

The trifecta puts Miele out in front of all other appliance brands in Canstar Blue’s eyes. The German company has secured eight ‘Most Satisfied Customer’ awards since the ratings service was launched in July 2010.

Miele’s wins span across dishwashers, front loader washing machines and ovens.

Canstar Blue brands

Across all the appliance categories Canstar Blue has rated since 2010, Electrolux and Fisher & Paykel have scored five awards, LG four awards, while Aldi and Samsung have earnt three.

Bosch, Daikin, Dyson, Fujitsu, Honda, Nespresso, Kelvinator and Simpson each have two Canstar Blue titles. Breville, Panasonic, Shark and NutriBullet have one apiece.

“This is an outstanding achievement by Miele,” said Miele’s head of category management Sacha Leagh-Murray. “We’re proud to be in such a defining position in customer satisfaction. It gives recognition to Miele’s premium position as the leading brand in whitegoods appliances.

“Whether the choice is ovens, dishwashers, washing machines or any other of Miele’s outstanding premium appliances, customers will be impressed with how well our brand has considered those aspects of innovation, functionality and design as well as after purchase service, all of which critically contribute to customer satisfaction,” Leagh-Murray said.

Head of Canstar Blue Megan Doyle congratulated Miele on its achievements.

“Miele has a fantastic reputation as a leading brand of household appliances and our ratings over the last five years – from the people who matter most, the consumers – clearly show it is living up to that reputation.”

“No other brand of appliances has achieved the level of consistency that Miele has,” she said. “Even across other research categories, it’s extremely rare to see one brand dominate its area of expertise in quite the same way that Miele has – particularly when those areas are extremely competitive.”

Doyle added that Miele’s solid performance indicates strong demand for premium appliances.

“There’s no doubt there are some fantastic offers out there for households on a tight budget, but spending that little bit extra could mean the difference between replacing a washing machine or dishwasher after 15 years, rather than 10.

“Across many of the categories we research, value for money is the biggest driver of customer satisfaction. But for appliances, long-term factors like performance and reliability take over in importance – because consumers want and appreciate appliances they can rely on.”