Miele Professional has introduced SmartBiz, an accessible laundry solution developed specifically for commercial use, offering short cycles, extreme durability, and exceptional results.

The SmartBiz laundry range incorporates a 7kg washing machine and matching 7kg heat pump dryer that can be positioned side by side, stacked or mounted on a plinth with built-in drawer, with simple ‘plug & play’ installation with a standard 10 amp plug.

The washing machine and dryer can cope with several cycles per day in a commercial environment, both being tested to last 15,000 operating hours or 10,000 program cycles.

Miele Professional claims that the heat pump dryer can save up to 75% on energy consumption when compared to commercial condenser dryers in the same size category. It also offers a program to loosen damp woolen loads and another program to remove creases out of textiles.

The SmartBiz washing machine and dryer complement the current Miele Professional laundry range, which cater for larger laundry requirements. The SmartBiz range is now available to purchase from Miele Professional and authorised Miele Professional retailers.