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For new bagless vacuum cleaner.

Miele has just completed a national roadshow to launch its first bagless vacuum cleaner, the Blizzard CX1. Attracting more than 700 retail partners and floor staff, the roadshows kicked off in late September in Perth and concluded in Brisbane this week. The roadshow was also held in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.

Addressing attendees at an official launch event at Sydney’s Carriageworks, Miele executive director and co-owner, Dr Reinhard Zinkann (pictured below) said, “A warm welcome to all of our friends, it is a great pleasure to be here even if it is for a few days, I just love being here as it is one of my favourite places in the world. Tonight is very special because finally it has arrived – The Blizzard – I guess most of you have heard about it and seen pictures of it. The Blizzard stands for two words – Immer Besser – forever better and it means a couple of things – including our two major goals quality and technology.”

Event Photographer Carriageworks Sydney

L to R: Miele managing director for marketing and sales, Dr Axel Kniehl, Miele Australia managing director, Sjaak Brouwer and Miele executive director and co-owner, Dr Reinhard Zinkann.

Zinkann also addressed the brand’s positioning as a manufacturer of both bagged and bagless vaccum cleaners.

“I was questioned when strategic competitors came out with bagless machines why we would stick to our bagged machines. We still believe bagged machines are a good product, we still believe it has a place in the market, but we have also seen there was a lot of demand in bagless. But Miele would not be Miele, if we did not follow Immer Besser and that means thinking differently and re-thinking the bagless machine, like we did.

“We wish you lots of success with this product and we thank all our valued partners, who help grow the Miele brand. Australia is very important to us as it is core market for us. Without you, we could not be successful – partnership is never a one-way street and we can only be successful if you are successful. We promise we will always deliver new products that are Immer Besser.”

Event Photographer Carriageworks Sydney

L to R: Christian Gerwens (Miele), Sjaak Brouwer (Miele), Kay Spencer (Narta), Reinhard Zinkann (Miele), Lionel Lee (Bing Lee), Axel Kniehl (Miele) and Darren Spencer (Narta).

Featuring Miele’s exclusive Vortex technology for powerful pick up and hygienic dust disposal, the Blizzard CX1 has been designed so there is no direct physical contact with dust at any stage of the vacuuming process.

It separates coarse and fine dust particles, ensuring only coarser dust particles enter the dust container for more efficient emptying. Finer dust particles and allergens are captured by the Miele pleated Gore CleanStream fine dust filter, which only requires emptying once or twice per year when prompted by controls.

The lifetime HEPA filter ensures the air discharged from the vacuum cleaner is purer than ambient room air. It is maintenance-free and does not require replacing.

The Blizzard CX1 range consists of the Excellence (RRP $699), the Multifloor (RRP $799), the Cat & Dog (RRP $849) and Comfort (RRP $949).

Event Photographer Carriageworks Sydney